Screenwriting Isn’t Writing


Richard Brody on why F. Scott Fitzgerald struggled to succeed in Hollywood:

“Cowan, the producer who commissioned the script, went to Fitzgerald for what would ultimately be the raw material for a director; Fitzgerald attempted to provide Cowan with a dish that was completely cooked. The usual danger, with hyperwritten screenplays, is precisely that they come out overcooked.”

Photograph of F. Scott Fitzgerald by Hulton Archive/Getty.


"Escape" from Super Metroid, SNES.

"Shoot him again."

"What for?"

"His soul is still dancing."

I still have no clue what I want out of films, but I’m pretty sure it’s all here.

A buffalo on the side of the Alaska Highway


Cheese, crackers, almonds, watermelon, and a decaf coffee. Some banana bread later, perhaps.

After boarding the ferry alongside two boisterous high school soccer teams, I quickly took a b-line for the Seawest. The Spirit of Vancouver Island, while one of the fleet’s older vessels, boasts in my opinion, the best Seawest Lounge of them all. Seats wrap around the front of the ship, and a partition separates the snack area from the seating, making it an even quieter affair.

This however did not prevent me from being disturbed by a rather loud family who burst into the Lounge looking alcohol of all things. “You got any booze in here?” asked the rather gruff man. “No sir, not on the ferries. We are a frozen highway.”

There was moment of palpable tension, but in the end, the family forked over their twelve dollars, grabbed a cheese plate, and most importantly, froze their yapping. All is right in the Seawest Lounge.

A thrilling night on the high seas.